Meditation is a practice of awareness and self inquiry.

Anyone can meditate, it only takes a true desire in learning, discipline and patience.  Similar to sleep, meditation can not be taught- it just comes by itself, you can only learn the steps that will ease your way in to it. Just like you can learn to ride a bike or play an instrument, you can learn how to use the mind as a tool to reach optimal health, well-being and ultimately personal transformation. 

Through meditation we learn to let go and just practice receiving everything as it is. There is no such thing as controlling or stopping the mind during meditation. The true flowering of meditation happens by just being, your only effort is to show up to practice. 

The beauty of meditation is that it gives you a clear access to what inspires you, to what brings joy and happiness in life- allowing you to discover your gifts and true purpose. Through a daily practice of meditation, you will feel more grounded and open to receive life with all of it's ups and downs. 

Meditation will bring you profound sensitivity, a great sense of belonging to the whole world and this belonging is full of love
— Dr Vasant Lad

Benefits of Meditation:

•    Increases serotonin levels related with positive emotions
•    Promotes health and well-being of body and mind
•    Improves concentration, memory and mental clarity
•    Reduces stress, anxiety and pain
•    Promotes the quantity and quality of sleep
•    Promotes rest and longevity 
•    Enhances a feeling of peace and more positive outlook for life


What to expect from a session

Includes theory and practice of simple meditation techniques.  I integrate a variety of practices as breath work, mindfulness, mantra meditation, guided imagery and sound healing. 

Research in Meditation:

Herbert Benson, MD and his associates at Harvard Medical School have been conducting research since 1967, validating the many physiological benefits of meditation, showing the following:

Learn more about Dr Herbert Benson's "Relaxation Response" 

•    Reduction of chemicals associated with anxiety in the blood stream
•    Brain waves slowed to patterns associated with relaxation (delta waves)
•    Lowered heart rate 
•    Decreased muscle tension